Services and Programs


Benefit payment program to help needy families.

Foster Care

Financial Assistance for those children who are in need of substitute parenting and who have been placed in foster care.         


(Formerly Known As Food Stamps)  Provides food assistance to low income families and individuals. Click here for more information and to apply online.           


California's Medical assistance program for eligible California residents.        

General Assistance Program

County funded assistance program for indigent adults not aided by other federal or state assistance programs.

Apply Online

You can Apply for Benefits Online at C4Yourself ®

C4Yourself ® is an online application system that allows you to apply for or renew benefits. This is a secured site and all your information will be private and safe. Benefits included are:

  • CalWORKs (Cash Aid)
  • CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps)      
  • Medi-Cal / Health Care

You can access C4Yourself ® from any computer that is connected to the Internet by going to