Adult Literacy


The Adult Literacy Program at the Calaveras County Library offers tutoring in reading, writing, math, computer literacy and work/job literacy training. All services are free and confidential.

For more information visit our Literacy Website here or call (209) 754-6006.

CalWORKS Employment Services Welfare-To-Work (WTW)

The Employment Services (WTW) Program is the employment and training aspect of CalWORKs. It is a comprehensive statewide employment program designed to enable participants to achieve self-sufficiency through employment. The intent of the Welfare-to-Work Program is to provide employment and training services to virtually all adult recipients.

Mandatory Participation

Participation in the Employment Services (WTW) program is mandatory unless the participant is eligible to an exemption. Participation requirements are determined by the deprivation and household composition; single parent or 2 parent family, plus the age of the children in the home. A client’s cash grant may be lowered if he or she refuses or fails to meet program requirements without a good reason.

This is an hour based program with minimum hourly participation requirements. All participants will be required to be engaged in employment and/or training activities for enough hours each week to allow for substantial progress toward employment goals. 

Participants will meet with an Employment Counselor to complete a comprehensive Appraisal and Assessment to develop a plan to determine what activities that individual will participate in.

Employment Services (WTW) Activities

Activities vary in length of time and there is flexibility in the types of activities recipients can participate in for up to 24 months. Below are some of these activities:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Job Search/Job Readiness
  • Subsidized Employment
  • Vocational Training
  • Work Experience/Community Service
  • Unsubsidized Employment/Self-Employment
  • Work Study
  • Job Skills Training/related to Employment
  • Education Related to Employment
  • Mental Health, Substance Abuse and/or Domestic Violence Services

Supportive Services

Participants may receive supportive services to assist them in participating in a self-sufficiency activity. Below are the supportive services that are provided:

  • Child Care
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Work or Training Related Expenses – Payments for books, tools and special clothing
  • Diaper Support Payments


The Cal Learn Program serves CalWORKs recipients under 19 years of age who are custodial parents or pregnant who do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent. The Cal Learn program provides financial bonuses for success in school as well as supportive services including transportation, child care, some school related expenses and referrals to other agencies.

About the Program

The teen parent and case manager work together to develop a plan to enroll in and/or remain in school. The plan includes the steps and supports necessary to be successful in reaching the educational goals and outlines the case manager’s responsibilities to assist in achieving these goals. Participants will work closely with their case managers to ensure their continued success.

Contact Health and Human Services Agency for more information.