Human Services
Cori Allen, Director
Michael Magaña, Assistant Director
Mayle Johnson, Deputy Dir. Social Services, Protective Services
Robin Carter, Program Mgr., Benefit & Employment Programs

509 East St Charles St.
San Andreas, CA 95249

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
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PHONE: (209) 754-6448
TOLL FREE: (800) 464-4079
FAX: (209) 754-9049
Closed Weekends & Holidays
Local: (209) 754-6677
Toll Free: (844) 690-5137
Emergencies: 911

Vision: Empowered individuals, strong partnerships, and thriving communities. 
Mission: Transforming lives through dedication, collaboration, and innovation. 
Values: Equity, Purpose, Integrity, Connection, Wellbeing 

Items of Interest

Employment Opportunities 28 February 2020

Employment Opportunities

For a list of current vacancies in Calaveras County, visit the Merit System Services (MSS) website.

Homelessness and Housing 28 February 2020

Homelessness and Housing

In-Home Support Services 27 February 2020

In-Home Support Services

Protective Services 28 February 2020

Protective Services

Children and Adults, Adoptions, Resource Family Approval

Public Assistance 27 February 2020

Public Assistance

Eligibility and Employment Services

Other Resources

Public Transportation 27 February 2020

Public Transportation

Emergency Preparedness 27 February 2020

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Alerts 27 February 2020

Emergency Alerts