Quality Parenting Initiative

The Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is an approach to strengthening foster care by refocusing on excellent parenting for all children in the child welfare system.  When parents can't care for their children, the foster or relative family must be able to provide the loving, committed, skilled care that the child needs while working effectively with the system to achieve the best possible permanency option for that child.  When QPI is successful, caregivers have a voice, not only in issues that affect the children they are caring for, but also in the way the system treats children and families.

Caregivers, agency staff and birth parents work as a team to support children and youth.  Caregivers receive the support and training they need to work with children and families and know what is expected as well as what to expect.  Systems are then able to select and retain enough excellent caregivers to meet the needs of each child for a home and family.

Fore more information about the Quality Parenting Initiative, visit the state website